Tuesday, 12 February 2013

윷놀이 / Yut Nori, a traditional Korean game

The traditional folk games of Korea are big on traditional holidays. When families gather to celebrate the times of new beginning, Seollolal, or thanksgiving, Chuseok, with the ancestral rites and abundant traditional Korean food, there always is room for playing a couple of folk games. The rules of the games are never written down, but passed down from one generation to another naturally by playing together. The folk games add that special element of the holiday spirit by bringing all members of the family together regardless of age or gender for sole purpose-rekindling the family ties and spirit and, of course, winning. Here are some of the games which are still widely popular.

In the Australia we have Monopoly and more other board games. In Korea, they have yut nori, which is a traditional Korean board game. It is often played during traditional holidays, such as Seollal and maybe Chuseok.

Yut-Nori is a traditional board game which is the most popular game played in Korea. Yut was played as early as the Tree Kingdoms (57BCE-668CE). The game is so easy to learn that most Korean families (regardless of age) enjoy playing during holidays. Audience would have an opportunity to actually play the game in teams after learning game rules. Korean snacks will be served during the presentation .

The game is a popular board game throughout Korea, and it is considered a game of deep tradition. The game is often treated as a social spectacle with onlookers and team members shouting loudly, encouraging each other, or wishing for a certain score. This game is played in almost every Korean Thanksgiving party or gathering and is commonly played almost at almost any region of the world with a significant Korean population. The rare scores of yut and mo in particular cause excitement, particularly if cast more than one at a time.

There is a folk explanation for the game, describing a bet by some villagers to raise five different kind of livestock: pigs,dogs,sheep,cows and horses.Each of the villagers would raise only one type.
The board and the game are known to have been used in fortune-telling, particularly in mountain-areas and small farming-villages, but this is no longer practiced.

How to play
The game is played between two partners or two teams who play in turns, sometimes it is played with more teams. Yut is a popular family game. There is no limit in the number of participants in a game,which means that the game can be played by a considerable group. When played with large groups it is not uncommon for some group members never to cast the sticks: they still participate discussing the strategy.

The start of the game is determined by each team casting the yut sticks. The team with the highest score
starts first.

Each team then casts the sticks in turn, then moves a mal according to the score achieved. One turn usually consists of only one cast. However, a player achieving a yut or mo earns an extra cast for the turn; if he/she casts a yut or mo at the second cast, he/she earns an extra cast again, so there is no limit to the number of times a player can cast again before the end of a turn, provided he or she keeps casting yuts or mos. The respective scores can be played separately if wished, each given to another mal (or group of mals, see below), but a score earned from one cast cannot be split into two moves—for example, a geol (advance three steps) cannot be split into a do (one step) and a gae (two steps).

4 yut sticks (6" pieces of wooden molding that is flat on one sideand rounded on the other)
4 mals per player or team (buttons or place markers)
1 yut board (see diagram below)

The game starts with all mals at home. A player throws the yutsticks in the air. When the sticks fall, the player moves a malaround the board the appropriate spaces.
Do -move 1 space- 1 flat, 3 round
Gae -move 2 spaces- 2 flat, 2 round
Gul -move 3 spaces- 3 flat, 1 round
Yut -move 4 spaces- 4 flat
Mo -move 5 spaces- 4 round

1. Only 1 mal can be moved each time the yut is thrown.
2. If a mal lands on a corner spot, the player can take a shortcuttoward home through the middle of the playing board.
3. Players who score mo or yut get a second turn.
4. If two mals belonging to one player land on the same space,they may move
5. If your mal lands on a space occupied by another players mal,the other players
mal is sent home and must begin again, and you get anotherturn.
6. The first player to get all mals home is the winner.

I really hope everyone enjoys playing Yut Nori (윷놀이) as much as i do now with my Korean friends .

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Korean Fashion 한국어 패션

 Hello everyone i found this amazing article about Korean fashion and i wanted to share it with u all hope its more useful and interesting :)

The world has gradually become a global village due to the internet and also Information Technology. Today, Korea is considered one of the best places where fashion and style is considered. This is because; their style and also the feel they add to their designs are always unique. The truth about Korean fashion in general is the fact that it will never fall. Japan was in the lead where world fashion was concerned until Korea took the lead. The reason why the countries in Asia are taking their stands is because they never fell to the pressures of foreign fashion trends

Fashion designers in Korea know how special their culture is which is why they never take it for granted.  So, what has Korea pioneered to the humankind which has made it such a triumphant and important fashion pacesetter? There are so many reasons that can be given to this fact or success of the Korean fashion world. However; it will be best to first understand that the Korean world inculcated their culture and also the elegance that came with their designs to win over the world.

Today, there are so many fashion products that Korean Fashion designers stand for. For instance; Korean designers have made some of the world’s best blouses and also dresses for ladies. What makes their designs unique is the fact that they do not concentrate on the slim sizes or size 10’s; they make sure they design these blouses and dresses to suit every size so that no woman is left out. This is one of the main reasons why they are preferred.

Also, another great way Korea took the lead is by making sure they were always creative and very distinctive. What has made Korean fashion a success has a lot to do with pop groups. Through popular Korean pop groups, Korean designs and styles are brought to the front stage and that is how it all begins. I believe you will have heard of very popular Korean pop groups like Super Junior, Big Bang, and so on. All of these pop groups and more have been the main reasons why the Korean style has traveled all over.

There are so many fashion trends that are making waves all over the world. However; Korea fashion has become a great force to reckon with. There are so many reasons why what you wear and how you look matters. However; there are many people that take this for granted. If you do not look good, you can never feel good and confident about yourself and what you can achieve. Never underestimate the power the fashion world has to make your life better and also the many benefits good fashion has.
Korean fashion will always have a place in world fashion; this is why you can find various online fashion stores selling them on a daily basis. 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Neapen River Belle

Hello everyone today i wanted to share with you my awesome day at the Nepean River Belle this was my second time to go on it last time its was about 5 years ago on winter night i had so much fun the captain was a wonderful men and all the stuff are friendly and welcomed . Their is so much things you can explore in Penrith so guys i just wanted to share with you some of the photos i took today :)

                                        The Captain

hope u all enjoy it :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Music Of Korea

Music of South Korea has evolved over the course of the decades since the end of the Korean War, and has its roots in the music of the Korean people, who have inhabited the Korean peninsula for over a millennium. Contemporary South Korean music can be divided into three different main categories: Traditional Korean folk music, popular music, or K-pop, and Western-influenced non-popular music.

Traditional Korean music includes both the folk, vocal, religious and ritual music styles of the Korean People. Korean music, along with arts, painting, and sculpture has been practiced since prehistoric times.
Two distinct musical cultures exist in Korea today: traditional music (Gugak) and Western music (yangak).

Traditional Korean Music can be classified on the basis of purpose and audience. A distinction can largely be made between folk and ritual where the classical tunes of the upper class is identified as separate from the Sogak of the common classes and usually engages the essence of life of the common villagers and worker. 

 Through songs that reflect hardships and toil and employing instrumental works that grow from their resources and experiences, everyday people create melodies that exhibit optimism and endeavor.
With lively rhythms and a willingness to experiment with clashes of forms, Korean melodies gains a spirit and sincerity that compares sharply with the more refined genre but the reciprocal roles of ritualistic and folk should be seen as a means of promoting each rather than a divisive factor.
 Shaman ritual hym has a place in both and Hoisimgok, while born of a Buddhist chant, was adapted and popularized into the folk music spectrum. This ability to share melodies and themes could well be a product of the significance of religion in the lives of Korean families and communities. As well as the influence of Buddhism and Shamanism, the long standing and still present principles of Confucianism have supported and been enhanced through folk rythm.

By contrast, Chongak is a musical form that relates more closely to the upper class of Korean society. The depth of feeling, the soulful connection is less pronounced in Chongak where it reflects a more amusement or entertainment value.

In discussing the traditional tunes of Korea, it is also important to acknowledge the instruments that produce the unique sound.
Like Western instruments, the classification can largely fall into string, wind and percussion, but the techniques required to play them are specialized.
For example, there are a number of twelve string instruments that are played through being plucked, struck or bowed, but this action is complemented by the dampening of the string to control the pitch and the length of the note.

While the wind instruments are played transverse or with the assistance of a reed, the harsh sound of brass has no place in the Korean repertoire. With regard to percussion instruments, there exists a wide range that includes xylophone-like panels to be struck melodically and drums and gongs to be played with a greater sense of rhythm.

The destiny of the Korean culture is an expression of the lives, experiences and status of the Korean people. Whether in ritual, amusement or response to the struggles of life, Korean rythm is an aspect of life held in high regard. 


Trip To The Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge

G-day Everyone will today i am gonna share with you some of my trip pics from Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge . I had so much fun today the weather was so amazing and enjoying listening to the music at the background with beautiful smell of the ocean . Their is so much things that you can explore in Sydney i am sure if your thinking of coming for holiday to Australia you will love it because theirs so much things you can explore. So guys i gonna  put the pics now hope u will like them :) 

                                Sydney Harbour Bridge
                              Sydney Opera House
                              Sydney Harbour Bridge
                                Sydney Opera House
                        Aboriginal Playing Didgeridoo
                                          Tricks Show
                       Aboriginal Playing Didgeridoo

               Fish & Chips Circular Quay Restaurant

Finally i am gonna share with you this video its an example of the Didgeridoo music by the Aboriginals i hope u enjoy the listening to it :)

This video does not belong to me its from youtube i just wanted to share it with u

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Korean Style Ramen ( Ramyeon )

Hi everyone I just wanted to share with you all about one of the popular Korean Dishes Ramyeon . Ramen ( Ramyeon ) are very popular noodle dishes in Japan, China & Korea its a boiled noodles they are basically served in different flavored soup with many toppings you can add any toppings you wish to add to make a delicious Ramen ( Ramyeon ) .No one can make a delicious Ramyeon that easily because you need to make sure the soup tastes really delicious because its important and it will bring the flavor to the Ramyeon. I still couldn't find a better restaurant in Sydney Australia that cooks a delicious Ramyeon hope i will find some good ones soon or i just have to wait until i visit Korea and discover the delicious dishes they have and i cant really wait looking really forward to it .
Thank you guys for read it hope you all enjoyed it :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Planning My Next Vacation

I always wanted to take a long vacation and visit the most beautiful places that i really wanted to see and explore them my list of the countries was only 3 Italy , Spain & South Korea . Hope i get to see one of these countries this year since i haven't been traveling much only to my home country Kuwait to visit my parents and to USA with the family.

                                      Italy Tower Of Pisa
                                         Spain Barcelona
                                       South-Korea Seoul